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  • Ross Intake

    Are you looking for a new Ross intake? If your intake manifold is in poor condition or you want to update your quality of your vehicle, look no further than our range at Pro-Jay.

    The intake manifold is one of the most importance parts of a vehicle. Without a fitting intake, your vehicle performance can lack in certain qualities. Here at Pro-Jay, we offer wide selection of intake manifolds and combos such as: 

    · Billet Bully K-Series Center Feed

    · Billet Bully 2JZ-GTE 12 Injector Port

    · Honda F-Series RWD Billet Bully 8 Injector

    · Honda H-Series Billet Bully 8 Injector

    Not only do we specialise in intakes, additionally we specialise in providing high-quality throttle bodies and billet accessories. This means that we can provide our customers with more than just one product and fulfil many of their needs without the need to search for other suppliers. 

    We will work hard to ensure you receive the item you need, so choose Pro-Jay for all your racing vehicle requirements!

    Don’t hesitate to purchase an intake through our website today, or by giving us a call on (856) 213-6351. Alternatively, you can message your enquiry by filling out the simple contact form on our website and we will respond as soon as possible.